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If you make it, they will eat.

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce is a gourmet pepper sauce manufacturer based in the foodie city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Co-owners Aaron Mulka and Christopher Bower started the company in 2013 with the sole purpose of creating rich, flavorful, complex gourmet pepper sauces. Working with the belief of FLAVOR FIRST rather than blistering heat, Jak Jeckel pepper sauces are developed to enhance a foods flavor profile and give greater depth to your favorite dishes.

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce pushes past “the norm” with each of our flavor creations, offering sauces that give you more than hot peppers and vinegar. We offer a range of robust complex sauces that do NOT contain vinegar so that the consumer can taste the rich full flavor of the gourmet peppers and spices with each bite. Our unique non-vinegar approach separates Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce from the crowd of “hot sauces” and provides a true gourmet food-enhancing experience.

At Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce we believe in FLAVOR FIRST.

Fact: Premium ingredients make better sauce.

It starts with premium ingredients.

Our gourmet pepper sauce delivers a kick of habanero and jalapeño heat but the idea has always been to combine delicious ingredients to produce a sauce that is complex while remaining accessible enough to liberally use on and not over-power any of your favorite foods. With a subtle blend of lime, hot peppers, and select smokey spices, each flavor is a perfectly balanced harmony of taste and heat, making Jak Jeckel pepper sauce unique and unforgettable.

Don't put something this pretty in your pantry.

It's not hot sauce.

Taking a look around the world of hot sauce, it didn’t take us long to figure out that most brands tend to make a big deal out of how their sauce can send you to the ER with 3rd degree burns on your mouth or brag about how many scolville units they rate. That’s not us. We don’t sacrifice flavor at the altar of fire. Our gourmet pepper sauces are painstakingly blended with a complex balance of heat and flavor to enhance your dining experience instead of murdering your taste buds.

Jak makes wings better.

We're foodies at heart.

We love food. It’s that simple. We set out to create Jak Jeckel Gourmet Pepper Sauce because we wanted something that would compliment and enhance our favorite foods not overpower them. We crafted our first batch in 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. The first time we tried it we knew we had something special that needed to be shared with lovers of pepper sauce everywhere.

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Upcoming Events

Kempton Pepper Jam

Date: 5/23 - 5/24

Address: Kempton Fairgrounds 83 Community Drive Kempton, PA 19529

Hours: 5/23 10am-8pm, 5/24 11am-5pm

JJPS Location: Lot 18

Hopsauce Festival

Date: 5/30

Address: 9th Street and Taylor Avenue Beach Haven, NJ

Hours: 11am-7pm

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival

Date: 9/11 - 9/12

Address: GPS setting 233, Bowers Rd Bowers Pa 19511

Hours: 9am-6pm

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